20 Dreamy traditional wedding stage decoration in open ground ideas

To make your traditional wedding unforgettable, you will definitely want to consider having the wedding ceremony on open ground. This will allow you and your guests to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. 

For those couples who just can’t imagine getting married indoors, then an outdoor wedding is definitely for you. And what could be more magical than saying your vows in front of a beautiful stage set against the backdrop of nature?

Here are 10 dreamy traditional wedding stage decoration in open ground ideas that will make your special day even more memorable.

Traditional Wedding Stage Decoration in Open Ground Ideas

We’ve rounded up 10 of the most dreamy outdoor wedding stages that are sure to take your breath away. From rustic chic stages adorned with fairy lights to modern and minimalist stages that let the surrounding scenery do all the talking, there’s something for everyone.

So whether you’re planning a Boho-inspired bash or a glamorous fairytale affair, read on for some serious inspiration.

1. A Rustic Chic Wedding Stage with Fairy Lights

traditional wedding stage decoration in open ground ideas

For couples planning a rustic chic wedding, this stage decoration is simply perfect. Adorned with twinkling fairy lights, greenery, and vintage-style furniture, it has all the makings of a romantic fairytale setting.

2. A Glamorous Wedding Stage with a Crystal Chandelier

This glamorous wedding stage is adorned with a stunning crystal chandelier suspended from an archway draped in sheer fabric. Perfect for couples planning a luxurious fairytale affair, this dreamy decoration is guaranteed to make a statement.

3. An Intimate Wedding Stage Set Against a Natural Backdrop

If you’re planning a small and intimate affair, this simple yet effective decoration is ideal. Set against the natural backdrop of trees and greenery, this stage needs little adornment to look breathtakingly beautiful. 

4. A Whimsical Wedding Stage with Hanging Lanterns

A Whimsical Wedding Stage with Hanging Lanterns

This whimsical stage decoration is perfect for couples planning a fun and festive celebration. adorned with colorful hanging lanterns, it’s guaranteed to add some wow factor to your big day.   

5. A Minimalist Wedding Stage with Views For Days

For couples who prefer a more understated look, this minimalist stage decoration is worthy of consideration. Set against the stunning backdrop of rolling hills and valleys, it provides views for days – ensuring that your guests will be blown away by the surroundings long before they reach the stage itself.  

6. A Colorful Wedding Stage Inspired by Nature

A Colourful Wedding Stage Inspired by Natur

This eye-catching stage takes its cue from nature, incorporating colorful blooms and greenery into the design. Perfect for couples wanting to inject some color into their big day, it’s sure to brighten up even the darkest of winter weddings.

7. A Simple Yet Elegant Wedding Stage Set in Front of a Waterfall

This elegant stage takes advantage of its natural surroundings, using the waterfall as part of the decoration itself. Understated yet impactful, it’s perfect for couples looking to create a serene and tranquil atmosphere on their big day. 

8. A Mermaid-Inspired Wedding Stage Fit for a Fairytale Celebration

This mermaid-inspired stage is fit for any couple planning a fairytale celebration. With its glittering sea creatures and cascading waterfall, it’s guaranteed to add some magic and intrigue to your big-day décor.  

9. A Rustic Country Wedding Stage Set in Front of an Expansive Vineyard  

A Rustic Country Wedding Stage Set in Front of an Expansive Vineyard

For couples getting married in wine country, this rustic country stage ticks all the right boxes! Using an expansive vineyard as its backdrop, it exudes rustic charm and elegance – making it ideal for anyone planning an al fresco affair.  

10 . An Outdoor Movie-Inspired Wedding Stage Designed For Two Film Lovers  

This fun and unique stage were designed specifically for two film lovers tying the knot! Complete with red carpets, vintage-style signage, and Hollywood -Sequa light bulbs, it sets the scene perfectly for any movie-themed celebration.   

11. A Tropical-Inspired Wedding Stage Set Against a Breathtaking Ocean View

For couples dreaming of a destination wedding, this tropical-inspired stage is sure to fit the bill! With its stunning ocean views and lush foliage, it’s the perfect setting for any couple looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.  

12 . A Winter Wonderland Wedding Stage Set amidst Snow-Capped Mountains 

This winter wonderland stage is the stuff of dreams! Set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, it’s guaranteed to give your guests a truly magical experience. From its icy blue color palette to its sparkling snowflakes, no detail has been overlooked in creating this idyllic setting. 

13. A Fairytale Wedding Stage Set in Front of a Majestic Castle

A Fairytale Wedding Stage Set in Front of a Majestic Castle

For couples planning a fairytale wedding, this stage ticks all the right boxes! With its grandiose setting and regal adornments, it’s fit for any princess or prince looking to make their big day extra special.  

14 . A Rustic Barn Wedding Stage with Exposed Beams and Twinkling Lights 

This rustic barn stage is perfect for any couple wanting to infuse their big day with country charm. With its exposed beams and twinkling lights, it provides the perfect setting for an intimate and romantic celebration. 

15. An Industrial-Inspired Wedding Stage Set in an Abandoned Warehouse

For couples looking to add a touch of edge to their big day, this industrial-inspired stage is worth considering.

16. An all-floral wedding stage 

An all floral wedding stage

It is an epitome of a classy and elegant Indian wedding. If you want to go for an extravagant look on your special day, then this is the best pick for you. An all-floral stage would be an expensive affair but it would surely give a rich look to your wedding.

17. Fur & flowers for a winter wedding

Fur & flowers for a winter wedding

If you’re getting married in the winter, then you’ll need to make sure your wedding stage decoration is appropriate for the season. One way to do this is by using fur and flowers. You can use fur to line the edges of your stage or as a backdrop.

Then, add some floral arrangements in front of the fur to bring a touch of color and life to the stage. This will create a beautiful and unique look that will be perfect for a winter wedding.

18. Use lights to create a romantic ambiance

Lights are a great way to create a romantic ambiance on your wedding stage. You can use string lights, lanterns, candles, or any other type of light to create the perfect mood. Just be sure to use them sparingly so that they don’t overwhelm the stage.

19. Get creative with your wedding stage decoration

Get creative with your wedding stage decoration

There are no rules when it comes to decorating your wedding stage.  Ferns, palms, and other foliage can add a touch of tropical elegance to your stage. Or, for a rustic vibe, consider using branches and leaves. You can also use fabric to create a dramatic look.

cascading tulle or organza can give your stage a soft, romantic feel. And for a truly unique touch, try using light projections or hanging lanterns from the ceiling. Whatever you choose, make sure your stage decoration reflects your personal style and creates a visually stunning backdrop for your special day.

20. Keep it simple

Sometimes, less is more. If you’re not sure how to decorate your wedding stage or you’re short on time, then keep it simple. A few well-placed flowers or a string of lights can nothing else that you think would look beautiful.


No matter what your wedding style or theme may be, there’s sure to be an outdoor wedding stage decoration that’s perfect for you. So if you’re looking for some seriously dreamy inspiration, be sure to check out our list of 20 must-see ideas.