The Ultimate DIY Wedding Decor Checklist

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to creating the perfect decor. However, DIY projects can save both time and money while still creating a beautiful aesthetic. 

Carefully research your options and create a detailed checklist of everything you’ll need to make your vision come to life. This may include materials such as fabric, ribbons, vases, or battery-operated lights.

Double-check measurements to ensure that all components fit together seamlessly. Don’t forget about the smaller details, like how many guests you need to accommodate and how long the decorations will need to last. With thorough planning and attention to detail, DIY Wedding Decor Checklist can add an extra special touch to your big.

DIY Wedding Décor Checklist

We’re here to help! We’ve put together the ultimate checklist of everything you’ll need to create beautiful, personalized décor for your big day.

  1. A Backdrop or Ceremony Arch 
  2. Lights (Fairy, Twinkle, Edison Bulbs) 
  3. Signs (Welcome, Seating Chart, Hashtag) 
  4. The greenery (Garlands, Wreaths, Centerpieces) 
  5. Flowers (Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Centerpieces) 
  6. Tabletop Decor (Chargers, Place Cards, Napkins) 
  7. Cake Topper 
  8. Card Box 
  9. Gifts for the Bride and Groom 
  10. Ring Pillow 
  11. programs or Fans 
  12. Aisle Markers or Lanterns 
  13. Confetti or Bubbles

DIY Hour Decor checklist in points

1. A drink stirrer that doubles as a guest book!

Simply have your guests sign their names on the stirrer and then drop it into a vase or jar.

2. Miniature potted plants as place cards

DIY Wedding Decor Checklist

Write your guests’ names on small tags and tie them around the pots. Then they can take their plants home with them after the party.

3. A photo booth with props

Set up a table with all kinds of fun props, like hats, glasses, wigs, and fake mustaches. Then let your guests snap away.

4. Drinks in vintage apothecary bottles

DIY Wedding Decor Checklist

A cool way to dress up your bar area is with a set of small apothecary bottles. You can even place them in the center of each table for an added touch.

5. A chalkboard photo booth

Just like a regular photo booth, except you write your guests’ names on chalkboards. You could also have them share messages with one another, or draw funny pictures.

6. A vintage candy bar

Set up a table with all kinds of vintage candies, like saltwater taffy and retro gum. Your guests will love this sweet touch.

7. Vintage postcards

Vintage post cards

Set out a table with postcards from different places, and have your guests write their favorite place they’ve been. You could also set up a vintage camera nearby to get a pic of them holding their card.  

The must-have items for your DIY hour decor checklist :

– Black and white scrapbook paper (or any pattern you like)

– Scissors (if you’re going to be free cutting) or Exacto knife (if you’re going to be straight cutting)

– Spray adhesive (optional, but it makes things easier) 

– Mod Podge (or any sealant) 

– Paint brushes (for the Mod Podge)

 – A pencil or pen to trace your design onto the paper. 

– Sticky tack (optional, but it makes things easier) 

 – Wood circle (mine were 4″ in diameter and I bought them at a craft store) 

– You can also use a small mirror, picture frame, or any other item you’d like to hang on your wall.

DIY ceremony decor checklist

1. Ceremony arch or Chuppah

2. Altar decorations

3. Aisle decor

4. Bouquets and Boutonnieres

5. Reception entrance decor

6. Sweetheart table decor

7. Cake table decor

8. Gift table decor

9. Photo booth props or Backdrop

10. Send off decorations

11. Thank you cards or gifts

Wedding Dinner Table Decor

1. Napkins

2. Guest book

3. Table runners

4. Chair sashes

5. Place cards or Escort cards

6. Centerpieces




7. Menu cards

8. Favors

The top tips for creating stunning wedding decor 

Choose something that you both love. This is your day and it should be personal to you both. If one of you loves yellow decor, then do it up in yellow. If the two of you want a white wedding, then go for it.

Choose fresh flowers that are in season. This will ensure that your wedding decor is beautiful, but also affordable.

Consider the space available. If there’s room for a set of matching chairs, then go for it! If not, then try creating a different seating plan. 

Don’t forget the kids! If you are having children at a wedding, then try to create something that they will love. A tent full of balloons is a great idea for little ones and will be a talking point for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Planning a DIY wedding can be a lot of work, but it’s so worth it when you see your vision come to life on your big day! And with this checklist in hand, you can rest assured that you haven’t forgotten anything important. So go forth and plan the wedding of your dreams.


The best ways to use recycled materials in your DIY hour decor?

There is no limit to imagination. Recycled materials are a great way to do something different, add fun and make your DIY hour decor unique. You can use them in the most unexpected ways that will make you think out of the box and create cool things.

What are the advantages of using recycled materials in your DIY hour decor?

The most important advantage is that you can use them to create something beautiful and save money. Another advantage is that you can repurpose old items and give them new life. 

What is a good budget for DIY wedding decorations?

That depends on your imagination, the number of guests, and how you want your wedding to be. Your budget also depends on what you want to get from your wedding – an expensive venue, beautiful dresses, a lot of food and drinks, or something else.

For example, if you want to make a wedding album, then you would need to spend around $1000 on it. If you want a wedding planner, then this will cost around $1500-20 000.